States consider saner 'sexting' penalties for teens

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Daftest thing is ...

Kids have been flashing each other since before there was writing. It's part of growing up. When the chemical soup that makes us "grow up" turns up the wick, we start exploring our sexuality. It's totally, completely normal. All animals do it.

As technology improves and becomes inexpensive/mainstream, the kids will use it. My girlfriend in 10th grade (15 years old) slipped a naked SX-70 photo of herself into my locker in highschool[1].

My grandfather had a daguerreotype of my grandmother naked, sent to him via post from "the old country". We ran across it when going thru' his things after he passed. According to the date on it, she was 14 and a half ... It was almost shockingly pornographic, and the accompanying letter was quite steamy & indicated that they had been having sex[2] 18 months prior. We chose to bury the letter and photo with him; it seemed fitting somehow :-)

As a side-note to the Euros in the audience: not all us Yanks are prudes.

Adults, on the otherhand, should know better ... Even congresscritters.

[1] Don't worry, legal eagles, it's long gone ... She broke into my house and destroyed it 35 years ago, or thereabouts, after I dumped her because she was a slut ;-)

[2] What, you kids think *you* invented it?[3]

[3] STR

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