Microsoft skills up IT pros for jobs in the cloud

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bad for professionals

I see the cloud as the start of the end for IT professionals. Once businesses start putting their systems onto the cloud there's going to be next to no support needed. It will all be done at the host.

The physical PCs will become dumb terminals and will have a hugely cut down OS whereby replacing the PC will be far easier than having it fixed. Most likely there will be a class of PCs called 'cloud optimised' which are preconfigured to a cloud supplier and all the end user does is hook it up to the mains, the router and then add their online details and the PC is then ready to go.

And then there's a software sales side. Again, everything will be provided in an 'all inclusive price' online so your not going to have a chance to sell anything.

I can see a lot of people out of a job within 10 years once this becomes main stream. And no, im not going to spend £k's on a certificate that will ultimately make me redundant.

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