Programmer gets 8 years for theft of stock trading software

Anonymous Coward

This is how it's stealing.

You take other people's money.

You swap it around as quickly as possible taking a tiny cut every time it is moved.

Better still, the value you are trading is partly or wholly fictitious. Just made up by your pet rating agency.

So you are taking a real money cut of fictional value as often as possible.

And eventually, everyone wonders where all the money went.

Def not found in your record profits or the bonuses to the traders.

Best of all, people borrowed against the fictional value that you had skimmed as much as possible of. Creating real money debts against fictional value. When the bubble burst, they still have to pay it back. Unable to do so, you take the land out from under them.

You can then sell it back to the next batch of suckers.

Sell the land. Steal it back. Sell it again.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Profit on the ups. Profit on the downs.

Too big to fail.

How to steal a nation.

Also, as all this national economic stability is a matter of nat sec and as every nation has a dept of economic warfare that uses all the value (real or otherwise) to improve its fortunes, the banks work with the spooks. As such the spooks are captured. Caught in a financial honey trap.

Photo'd in bed with some of the bank's dirtiest secrets. They become extra keen on keeping the banks from feeling the need to reveal what has been going on.

How to steal a nation's spooks. And with them the military. As the mil act on what the spooks tell them.

Now, do this to more than one nation. Now you're cooking! Supranational biz/spook alliance that doesn't care about the fortunes of any given state. And being unelected, supranational and preying on the public, it doesn't care what voters want either. Might even start a war to distract from looking at it.

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