back to article Check Point warns customers to patch VPN vulnerability under active exploitation

Cybersecurity software vendor Check Point is warning customers to update their software immediately in light of a zero day vulnerability under active exploitation. Check Point announced early last week that it had detected "a small number of login attempts" targeting some of its customers' VPN environments. The company later …

  1. ShortLegs

    You might want to dig deeper

    Checkpoint seem to be at a loss how to desscribe the issue and the impact.

    The original email came out May 27 and advised customers who used RAS and local firewall accounts to patch.

    On the 28th May they sent an updated email that included IP VPN, and the mobile access blades, and used the phrase "mandatory patch"

    During a call with Checkpoint, they said " if you have a firewall, patch".

    We patched some 100 firewalls between Wed night and Fri morning last week. On Thurs, a further email came out downplaying the scope of vulnerability and inmpact, causing those of us who had just done a 27hr stint to kick off with CP on another call to Diamond, during which we were told to ignore the email. "there are a lot of people burning the midnight oil in Israel over this".

    I wonder what firewalls Santander and Ticketmaster use....

  2. abend0c4 Silver badge

    The free piano probably isn't coming

    Even a genuine "free" piano is likely to cost considerably more than you imagine. The problem of moving them has been a staple of comedy from Laurel and Hardy's The Music Box through to Steptoe and Son episode The Piano. The victims probably got off more lightly than if someone had offloaded a genuine instrument kerbside and left them to it.

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