back to article Arm CEO aims to conquer half the Windows world in 5 years

Achieving a 50 percent market share among Windows PCs within five years is on the cards for Arm, according to CEO Rene Haas. The leader of the CPU architecture designer expressed his optimism in an interview with Reuters, in relation to the recent launch of Qualcomm's Arm-based Snapdragon X Elite CPUs. The processors will …

  1. Old Man Ted

    If I'm not mistaken but aren't about 25% already using arm type chips. Or doesn't Apple Or Google count?

    1. EvaQ

      Do you have a source for that 25%?

      Article: "Today, around 8-10 percent of quarterly PC shipments are Arm-based, which is almost entirely Apple Silicon." So where do you get the remaining 15-17% from?

      If your "Google" means Chromebook: A few years back, a lot of Chromebooks were ARM, but nowadays it's mostly Intel. So Intel has tackled that threat, probably by offering a price you can't refuse.

      Note: Article is about Windows; see title. So the 50% is a bold claim. Even if you replace "Windows" with "PC/laptop", so including Apple and Chromebook. I like bold claims!

  2. CowHorseFrog Silver badge

    WHy does the register and other news websites give time to village idiots like this ?

    1. bitwarper

      Well ...

      ... this "village idiot" as you call him, cashed tens of millions recently as a result of his work how much did you cash? Bombastic declarations is the rule of the game now, NVidia does it, Microsoft, OpenAI do etc. It is a shaking disruptive new era onset for the CPU and direct connected ecosystems and it looks very poorly for the decrepit Intel.

      1. CowHorseFrog Silver badge

        Re: Well ...

        bitwarper: ... this "village idiot" as you call him, cashed tens of millions recently as a result of his work


        So what if he did ?

        Does that make him a champion of humanity ?

        Vlad in Russia owns a fucking country does that mean we are going to pretend he is a god everyone should copy ?

  3. EvaQ

    Whose problem are they trying to solve? AFAIK the Snapdragon X Elite laptops are well above 1000 euro. IMHO that is a nice market, and thus you won't achieve 50% overall market share that way.

    Gamers do buy expensive laptops, but they still stick to Intel and Nvidia

    I'm willing to buy an ARM laptop, as long as it runs Ubuntu, but with a pricepoint of 400-450 euro.

    And NUCs are around 120 euro, including SSD and RAM and VAT. So good luck penetrating that market.

    1. EvaQ

      nice market = *niche market. Sorry!

  4. Evil Scot Bronze badge

    Do they expect the windows market to decline that much?

    So many are claiming to jump to BSD/Linux in response to the way the OS is being filled with Bloatware.

  5. StrangerHereMyself Silver badge

    Wishful thinking indeed

    There's no way the Windows world will ever move away from x86, there's simply too much software written for it. Besides, moving to an incompatible architecture could open up a window (pun intended) of opportunity for a competitive operating system.

    1. FirstTangoInParis Bronze badge

      Re: Wishful thinking indeed

      MS Office already runs native on Apple Silicon with universal (Intel + Apple) binaries, as does a lot of the typical software run on the average Windows box (because versions for Apple Silicon). Not forgetting Windows on Arm is already a thing. So the software ecosystem is mostly already there. So is Ubuntu and likely several other Linuxes. So all that’s really waiting is the chips. Remind me why I need a 13th generation Core i5 to pen documents and do video calls consuming twice the power of a current MacBook?

      1. StrangerHereMyself Silver badge

        Re: Wishful thinking indeed

        No you're wrong! Just because there's some popular software running on Apple silicon doesn't account for the billions of lines of code written for x86 in companies and organizations. Also, most older software isn't going to be re-compiled for ARM. We've seen the same with Itanium, which proved that even a re-compile is too much effort for ISV's to undertake.

        Mac software MAY be re-written for Apple Silicon since the ISV's basically have no choice in the matter, but on Windows there's no incentive to do so. Making another SKU is an enormous and costly effort. And only to get some extra battery life? It's just not worth it!

        1. zipityzi

          Re: Wishful thinking indeed

          Very few PC consumers care about ancient Windows software. There’s a reason old software hasn’t been updated in decades: it probably has good enough perf on a potato emulator via four levels of virtualization.

          The # of lines of x86 code that simply exist are irrelevant. It needs to be x86-exclusive code that doesn’t have an official native Arm port times the number of active users. And then subtract any with no enough alternatives that do have a popular Arm native port from other vendors. And subtract any that work well enough under Prism.

          Major Windows software has already been ported to Arm native that you conveniently ignore: Chrome, VLC, Handbrake, MS Teams, GIMP,, Da Vinci Resolve, the Affinity Suite,7-zip, NotePad++, Everything, MS PowerToys, etc.

  6. sschuchart

    I don't get it

    Is that going to make my PC substantially cheaper? Probably not. It's a full-stop NO for anyone who games. You need x86 on Intel or AMD and either NVIDIA or AMD for graphics. Game producers are not going to make ARM for Windows versions of their AAA titles when the majority of windows PCs are x86.....and ARM needs top-end gaming to become the majority of Windows PCs. We've seen this before in history.

    Commodore's 64 was incredibly popular. So they made the Commodore 128 - faster chip, more memory, more features....and a C64 mode for C64 software. Software vendors looked and said "well I can write code for the C64 and have the entire Commodore market available to me....or I can write for the C128 and get a small fraction. Guess which one they wrote for?

    ARM is certainly not going to make it easier to work on or more compatible. It will be worse.

    In enterprise environments - they might have a shot with cheaper - but there will always be house-written software or old software, or something that means headaches to switch to ARM. PCs for corporate desktops are pretty cheap anyway. I don't think anyone is going to trade compatibility headaches for a twenty percent discount on the hardware alone.

    1. EvaQ

      Re: I don't get it

      "I don't think anyone is going to trade compatibility headaches for a twenty percent discount on the hardware alone."

      I don't expect compatibility headaches with mainstream software that is not (yet) ARM compatible ... thanks to emulation.

      I do expect compatibility headaches with hardware drivers etcetera.

      If there were a discount, it would be on the CPU alone. RAM and SSD and screen ... no discount.

      But the focus of Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite seems to be on fast & longer battery ... for a high price. "Faster than and same price as <some expensive Mac>". Apple can sell and charge fanboys anything, but that is not how it works in the Windows world, IMHO

      1. This post has been deleted by its author

      2. This post has been deleted by its author

        1. zipityzi

          Re: I don't get it

          Nah, a lot of macOS users in the past few years had never used macOS for any serious amount of time.

          macOS jumped from 18% to 24% in six years across all U.S. desktops, a significant +33% growth:


          It’s a messy measurement rate, but it’s clear a lot of Windows users (see decline) have no problem with macOS or ChromeOS.

  7. Phil995511

    "Arm CEO aims to conquer half the Windows world in 5 years"

    He's dreaming...

    1. EvaQ

      The bottomline is: is it in his targets?

      If not, it's just wishful talking

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