back to article Arm is so, so over this AI accelerator unit craze

Arm this week announced the availability of new top-end CPU and GPU designs ready made for system-on-chips for laptops, smartphones, and similar personal electronics. These cores are expected to power next-gen Android phones, at least, by late 2024. The announcements touched a range of topics, some obvious from the marketing; …

  1. HuBo

    The Kleidivostock intrigue

    Can't wait for this Heidi Klum AI portmanteau, Kleidi, to run at 3.8GHz on me copy-paste X925 CSS for some open source rock'n'roll shake'n'bake ARM twist'n'shout Peloponnese beachside library action with eponymous asymmetric swimwear (to taste) and some yummy-fresh Dolmas!

    The perfect spot to visit that seafaring member of the twelve cheeky Olympians of the Neoverse, V3's Poseidon, right smack in his recently redecorated temple ... or so I'm told!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: The Kleidivostock intrigue

      Gotta thank Hercules for killing off Artemis' man-eating Stymphalian birds there, making the region generally much safer for the harvest and enjoyment of kalamata olives. Not so good for Hitchcock movies, but great in aperitives, with chips, especially ARM's crunchy cortexes. Poseidon (son of Cronos and Rhea) should be a better host than Demeter (Neoverse V2) in this, as the latter just plain ate Pelops' shoulder in Tantalus' savage banquet (an AI Quiz on polytheism), putting the whole peninsula's future naming scheme in jeopardy -- though luckily she didn't munch through the whole ARM (eh-eh-eh!)!

  2. druck Silver badge

    After the bubble

    ARM definitely has the right idea about avoiding optional custom NPUs which complicate the software environment. However, I wonder when the AI bubble has burst how long we will be stuck with silicon wasted on otherwise useless FP16 and FP8 instructions, before they are dropped. I suspect it will persist in to ARMv10, so is that going to be ARMv11 or ARMv12?

    1. Roland6 Silver badge

      Re: After the bubble

      ARM could join with the IEEE and the Open Group and establish a Standard for matrix maths et al, like IEEE 754 did with floating point and so encourage some level of convergence.

  3. Bob H

    It's delightful to hear some tempered mention of AI and not just hype. Great, we get some CPUs that can do fancy maths... While it also does everything else.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I hardly understood one word in ten (nowhere near my area of expertise) but the gist of it seemed to be that they need to catch up with Apple in getting better control of all the bits. I’m sure that's a gross oversimplification, and probably even wrong, but it’s what I, as an ignoramus, took from it.

    Standing by for downvotes for even suggesting Apple might actually have something right…

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