back to article AMD's CFO Jean Hu talks CPUs, GPUs and the road ahead

AMD claims it is touching 33 percent in server CPU market share as it looks towards the launch of its next-gen "Turin" processors, and is promising a GPU roadmap for what comes after the MI300 product line. Speaking during the JP Morgan Global Technology, Media and Communications conference this week, AMD's chief financial …

  1. KSM-AZ

    No laptops/desktops

    With the abject insanity of INTEL hardware and drivers, I'm still struggling with why more manufacturers don't roll to AMD and just use alternatives. What I need is an AMD Wifi/BT/Sound/Ethernet chip where I don't have to find firmware and run the latest bloated driver that is full of tables containing work-arounds for for the errata associated with each production run of the same model chip.

    Look our chip performs like this . . . Well if it was manufactured between 2023-10 and 2023-12 series 1234 you have to turn off X, 2024-01 turn on X turn off Y, . . .

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