back to article Private equity offer for MariaDB gets thumbsup from shareholders

MariaDB shareholders have backed a private equity takeover offer for the troubled database vendor. The MySQL fork, which counts Samsung, Nokia, and ServiceNow among its customers, has in recent months seen a private equity bid led by K1 Investment Management and subsequent higher bid from application development and …

  1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    If I were a cynic…

    …I might suggest that the deal looks like a tax-efficient way to repay a loan. This, in turn, means that the company really isn't worth very much.

    Let's see who keeps up paymens to the "foundation"…

    But as I'm no a cynic: well done, chaps!

  2. Blackjack Silver badge

    Private equity firms is where companies go to die.

  3. VicMortimer Silver badge

    Horrible headline

    I was afraid there would have to be another fork.

    But MariaDB isn't going anywhere. It's just the for-profit garbage that private equity will enshittify and destroy.

    1. simonlb Silver badge
      Thumb Down

      Re: Horrible headline

      It's private equity, give it three years and it will be gone.

  4. Plest Silver badge

    Well it was fun while it lasted...

    Time to wipe those Docker images, start working on migrations to Postgres I've been putting off. This sort of thing never ends well 'cos private money demands results, results means strings get attached. It won't happen for about 18 months, then mark my words the dust will have settled and the lawyers can get to work hunting down those naughty boys and girls who ran it in an enterprise without getting the right paperwork and fees sorted out!

  5. Brian Aker

    Just for some history, lets rewind the clock back a bit:

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