back to article Datacenters looking to renewables, nuclear, and gas, in quest for more power

Even before the AI revolution (or bubble) took off in 2023, datacenters already used a decent amount of electricity. And the industry's increasing appetite for machine learning will require even more power. The estimates for the amount of power AI-infused datacenters might use are incredible. "By taking a middle figure of 300 …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The promise of AI

    ...making more unemployed, using shit-tonnes of power, all to do what exactly?

    Putting that aside, I think the key point the article raises is perhaps one it doesn't discuss, that governments and energy system planners are starting to believe these claims of radically increased energy demand, and that may well lead to bad policy decisions, and poor investment decisions. Ireland already appears to be committing to building power infrastructure for this over-hyped AI future, and that will impose higher energy costs on the population (after all, it's not like the US tech companies are going to pay the full tab).

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