back to article Amazon's latest 'flex' VMs promise savings for your burstiest apps

Amazon Web Services added another set of cost-optimized instances to its EC2 lineup on Tuesday, aimed at customers whose workloads aren't pegging the CPU 100 percent of the time. The cut-rate C7i-flex instances are based on the same 4th-gen Intel Xeon scalable processors as its standard C7i VMs. These chips are capable of …

  1. MatthewSt

    T instances

    Interesting to see how these compare to the burstable T instances that AWS already provide -

    1. matjaggard

      Re: T instances

      Yes, I'm not sure why The Register didn't comment on that. They're similar but not the same - for example no burst pricing it seems. The question in my mind remains "why didn't they just make this T5i or similar?"

  2. matjaggard

    Factual inaccuracy

    The instances actually start at 8GB RAM and have a 4:1 ratio of memory GB to vCPUs.

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