back to article TSMC fully booked on advanced packaging until 2025

TSMC's advanced packaging capacity is fully booked for the next two years, thanks to Nvidia and AMD needs, according to reports that echo an earlier earnings call. Echoing remarks by TSMC boss C C Wei in the April [PDF] earnings call for Q1, Taiwanese publication Economic Daily News credited the full order books to AI demand …

  1. QLord

    TSMC Often Appears Fully Booked

    TSMC plans and builds fab capacity based on orders. Orders take 12-30 months to build, depending on wafer/chip complexity, and process node maturity.

    TSMC knows what's coming down the pipeline years in advance, so they appear to always be booked for leading edge processes, and if a customer unexpectedly increased order (Nvidia/AMD), TSMC adds capacity as required.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    12-30 month lead time? Nothing to worry about there. I'm dealing with 10+ years here!

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