back to article Microsoft confirms spike in NTLM authentication traffic after Windows Server patch

Microsoft's April 2024 security update blues continue with confirmation of a "significant increase" in NTLM authentication traffic in Windows Server. The issue is caused by installing the update (KB5036909) on domain controllers. NTLM traffic might then suddenly spike. The problem comes hot on the heels of VPN connection …

  1. From the States

    Yes, NTLMv1 is old and should be disabled, but...

    ...NTLMv2 is still widely used. For a large corporation, I assume it would take years to eliminate all software and user activity that uses NTLM in some way.

  2. Zibob Bronze badge

    Why can't they make it that if you want NTLM you have to add it back yourself.

    Declare it unfit and clearly lay out the security problems with it and let people continue to use it but you get no support and no basis to complain as you had been duly warned about the dangers of its continued use.

    This pussyfooting that "we don't recommend it, and its insecure but will be the provided and made the failover" just seems insane when they themselves say it should not be used. Well you write the stuff so stop inducing.

    People are lazy and will use a tool if 8ts already there and seems to be working, so lazy they won't check if it *is* working. They will only move when made to. So make them.

    Yeah yeah, "do you know how many systems... Etc." Sure but how many more will it be if they leave it and it keeps getting used and ever more insecure.

    And knowing its the failover could lead to peo0le targeting the kerberos end not to exploit it but to make it fail and thus get to using the known insecure backup.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Microsoft is retiring

    So many Microsoft aspects that we have been using for years now are no longer working or just working badly, basically the company is probably heading for closure at some time in the future.

    I'm having to delete Microsoft OneDrive everywhere today because it's no longer reliably functional and all the current Microsoft operating systems don't work as well as their original versions. So many old companies are only busy generating income, not excited users like they did initially..

    1. ecofeco Silver badge

      Re: Microsoft is retiring

      MS's business model for years has just been rearranging the deck chairs and adding more steps to processes.

  4. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    "New Technology LAN Manager – is a very old suite"

    Nothing ages a product so much as calling it "New".

    1. skswales

      "It was a new day yesterday

      But it's an old day now"

      1. sgp

        Reminds me of a conversion with my once neighbor: your tractor seems to be getting a little old. - Old? But I bought it new in 1973!

  5. Northern Harrier

    No Comment

    After having moaned about Microsoft since DOS days, I don't think I'm qualified anymore after having watched MSNBC for years and finding out today what the MS stands for.

    1. Strahd Ivarius Silver badge

      Re: No Comment

      NBC = Nuclear, Biological and Chemical, in case you are wondering...

  6. Vader

    In galaxy far far away Microsoft released with breaking anything else and it all worked.

  7. Excused Boots Bronze badge

    “Ah, but if you just move everything off-prem and into our nice shiny and secure ‘cloud’, everything will be fine”

    Cynic? Me? Absolutely not, what makes you think that?

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