back to article What's up with Alphabet and Microsoft lately? Profits, sales – and AI costs

Alphabet and Microsoft's stock prices jumped in after-hours trading today after the AI-infatuated businesses delivered higher-than-anticipated quarterly earnings. Microsoft is right now up 4.3 percent to $416.25 apiece; the Google parent is up 11.4 percent to $176. Alphabet reported revenue of $80.5 billion, up 15 percent …

  1. deadlockvictim

    Stock price correllated with anti-social behaviour?

    Is there a positive correlation between stock price & anti-social behaviour?

    That is, the less good these companies are for society in general, the higher the stock price rises?

  2. GraXXoR

    So that’s where all our money’s going. Meanwhile we’re finding it harder and harder to balance the books every year.

  3. So...What's.New.Or.Different.This.Time

    "Market reaction to Alphabet and Microsoft differed significantly from the beating Meta's stock took following its Wednesday earnings report"

    for FB - no one knows if the new product will ever take hold... Whereas in case of M and G - the toothpaste is there, just have to squeeze it out

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