back to article Lenovo and Micron first to implement LPCAMM2 in laptop

Lenovo's latest ThinkPad P1 Gen 7 laptop is set to be the first to use the new LPCAMM2 memory form factor, the successor to SODIMM sticks. While Lenovo has largely focused on the AI performance of its new laptop, which is equipped with an Intel Core Ultra CPU and Nvidia RTX 3000 Ada GPU, the company also noted that its device …

  1. 43300 Silver badge

    Suspect it may be too late to halt the march of soldered RAM in laptops...

    1. Matthew 25

      Not so sure about that. With legislators demanding fixabilaty I think soldering the chips on may become less attractive.

    2. khjohansen

      Budget vs performance

      I suspect the "price-sensitive" models will have soldered-in memory - because sockets are expensive - vs models that are user-spec'd and would require too many MB revisions.

      1. 43300 Silver badge

        Re: Budget vs performance

        A lot of the business-class laptops already have it soldered - including a lot of the Dell Latitudes (including the top-end models), certainly at least some of the Thinkpads (again including top-end models). Not sure whether HP are doing it too but I expect so.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not done yet

    Cool, now bring back the 7 row keyboard.

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