back to article More than a third of enterprise datacenters expect to deploy liquid cooling by 2026

As CPUs and GPUs grow ever denser and power-hungry, many, including Register readers, expect liquid cooling to play a larger role in enterprise datacenters over the next few years. More than a third of enterprises (38.3 percent) expect to employ some form of liquid cooling infrastructure in their datacenters by 2026, up from …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Quiet in the halls, please

    That's higher than I'd expected.

    Outside of IT, we've done a handful of liquid cooling installations that have around 10kW local dissipation per shallow 19" rack.

    The primary goal there was silence, the normal array of fans was deemed unacceptable by the client.

    I do think DTC cooling will be far nicer for the staff. Many datacentres far exceed the action levels for sound pressure level, yet the few I've visited didn't appear to provide appropriate hearing protection.

    1. Binraider Silver badge

      Re: Quiet in the halls, please

      At the height of lockdown I picked up a 2U blade for home lab shenanigans. It was a very nice system to work on mechanically. Slot loading parts and high degree of standardisation. Unfortunately the noise level was utterly atrocious; you could easily hear the thing from outside. Hacking the firmware to lower the fan alarm limits was a reasonably fun exercise, but even with some weaker fans in it the whole setup was still ludicrously noisy.

      Flipped it on for basically the same as I paid for it. It did it's job in terms of education and entertainment value!

      No matter what you do with the servers themselves, there is no getting away from the heat losses on carrying either 240V AC or 48V DC in the 10kW range per rack. I squared R is vicious.

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