back to article Microsoft foresees a new type of AI PC: A Surface designed with help from machines

Microsoft has bragged that its own Azure HPC service was able to reduce the length of its Surface laptop design process – most notably for a hinge, which was reduced to one iteration, and hopes to use AI to do even better in future. According to principal engineer Prasad Raghavendra, Abaqus FEA software has been implemented …

  1. Paul Crawford Silver badge

    All of that design effort and yet it will be hobbled with W11

  2. navarac Silver badge

    or bloated with AI and adverts, in Windows "next"

  3. big_D Silver badge

    Hmm, scaled up to use thousands of cores... Sounds like, "you too can benefit from scaled up Abacus FEA*".

    * Can result in increased license cost and compute a huge increase in your compute bill.

  4. AMBxx Silver badge

    Copilot design

    MS ask for more robust laptop.

    Copilot removes the screen.

  5. ldo

    Most Of Azure Is Linux

    That means you can no longer even design a Windows machine without Linux.

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