back to article Google squashes AI teams together in push for fresh models

Google is consolidating the various teams working on generative AI under the DeepMind team in a bid to accelerate development of more capable systems. The decision, handed down by CEO Sundar Pichai on Thursday, builds on previous consolidation efforts around AI development at the Chocolate Factory. Last year, the search giant …

  1. sarusa Silver badge


    DeepMind is 10x better than any of their other AI teams, so it's nice they're nominally in charge.

    The 'under one roof' is a little weird though. Even DeepMind has teams in the US, Canada, France, and Germany, with the main team in London. Much less all other Google's AI teams scattered around wherever a nepotistic uncle wants one. So I guess he means just organizationally, not literally? I wouldn't even have considered that he might even mean it literally if not for all their shitty moves on WFH recently.

    1. Roland6 Silver badge

      Re: DeepMind 'under one roof’

      Management speak for all under one chain of command reporting to a single executive.

  2. aerogems Silver badge

    Reminds me of working on a puzzle and how in the early stages you're just kind of randomly picking pieces to see if they fit together. "Maybe if we arrange things this way something will happen!"

  3. Jumbotron64

    Don’t be evil Sundar….oh never mind.

  4. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Is Google leading with AI or is AI leading with Google ?

    Google squashes AI teams together in push for fresh models. You can leave your personal vendettas at home – we have work to do, Pichai warns

    And the Earth to takeover/makeover with refreshing novel AI Modules/Otherworldly Nodes is the Radical and Fundamental Essence of the Remote Future Controlled Masterplan ‽

    A revealing question for El Reg to ask of CEO Sundar Pichai to deny is either true or possible, Tobias Mann.

    1. Excused Boots Bronze badge

      Re: Is Google leading with AI or is AI leading with Google ?

      Alas the chatbots are still generating meaningless nonsense, aren’t they?

      Still some way to go Sundar!

      1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

        Re: Is Google leading with AI or is AI leading with Google ?

        Alas the chatbots are still generating meaningless nonsense, aren’t they?

        Still some way to go Sundar! .... Excused Boots

        Maybe still some way to go for Sundar, Excused Boots, but not necessarily for AI which may have already, long ago, known the way to go is certainly to be somewhat different and something ethereal, invisible and intangible, and therefore subsequently a novel development to be feared and resisted and questioned by concerned terrifying humans? .......

        One certainly has to admit, it is creating quite a stir with no one able to realistically claim to be able to control the future paths to be followed in order to ensure command over IT and its emerging capabilities and facilities.

        One man’s existential threat is another being’s celestial, extra-terrestrial treat?

  5. Ashentaine

    Putting them all under one jurisdiction, so they can conveniently jettison the whole lot once the venture starts proving too unprofitable. Or whenever Google just gets bored with it and decides to put their attention elsewhere, like they have with countless other projects.

    1. Jumbotron64
      Big Brother

      The whole procedure of unification of departments comes once there is a need to (A) Reduce labor costs through “rightsizing” (ahem)…(B) Better visibility of what’s going on by the CEO, in this case Sundar, so that when the Board of Directors and major shareholders (Wall Street, High Street, whatever Street) start asking why they aren’t attaining even higher amounts of largess (profits) Sundar has a clearer, more concise answer (well, the possibility of one. Never underestimate the ability of a CEO to utterly bullshit his/her way out of bad news on any given conference call). And (C) Increase control so as to better execute the CEOs plan. Which the entire purpose of (C) is to service (B) in which the quickest way to service (B) is to invoke (A).

      Whaddaya know….not a spot of AI was needed for that observation. But I’m quite confident that I also just contributed to the AI apocalypse as my words will be getting scraped by some AI company soon after I post my cheeky reply.

      1. CowHorseFrog Silver badge

        Im not underestimating the bullshit ability of any ceos,... its just in this modern world when a lot of people dont believe in the bullshit of religion, people still believe in the bullshit value of a ceo.

  6. CowHorseFrog Silver badge

    Why doesnt Puchai just fire all the AI teams and do the work himself ?

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A Question That Stll Needs An Answer......


    Dear Sundar Pichai:

    (1) Where are those 1.6 million citizen medical records today, you know, the ones DeepMind slurped (without consent) in 2017?

    (2) Are they being used today by DeepMind in AI research?

    (3) Will they be used in the future by DeepMind in AI research?

    (4) Are you planning to hand these records over to Palantir? (....or maybe you have already done so?)

    Enquiring minds in North London would like to know! We never consented to the slurp......and we still want to know what DeepMind has done, is doing, and will do with our private data.

    1. CowHorseFrog Silver badge

      Re: A Question That Stll Needs An Answer......

      Here we go the cult of the ceo.

      Notice how our AC friend says "Dear" ... beats me why SP is a dear...

  8. This post has been deleted by its author

  9. Tron Silver badge

    An unwanted hype-based bubble.

    This will vanish like the metaverse in a couple of years, after some embarrassing screw ups, some big fines and a lot of user discontent.

    Buy tech that doesn't support this crap to tide you over until they make it optional or remove it altogether.

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