back to article Germany cuffs alleged Russian spies over plot to bomb industrial and military targets

Bavarian state police have arrested two German-Russian citizens on suspicion of being Russian spies and planning to bomb industrial and military facilities that participate in efforts to assist Ukraine defend itself against Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion. The suspects, named as Dieter S and Alexander J, were arrested during …

  1. elsergiovolador Silver badge


    Bavarian state police have arrested two German-Russian citizens

    Scholz is now probably all trembling, what Putin is going to say to such escalation from the German state.

  2. Fr. Ted Crilly Silver badge


    Who's that then, Sergie Skripal ?

  3. Dave 15

    What about

    What about the explosion reported briefly by some in a USA ammo works and the one in the UK, both clearly russian but no o e seems to acknowledge we are in world war 3 and should be worrying about buying planes, guns, ships, tanks shells and bullets not compensating women apparently too stupid to read the news as I, a male, did when I knew all about the women's pension age increase

    1. sarusa Silver badge

      Re: What about

      darn all those evil women with their seductive blue pill spelling and punctuation and grammar tempting sincere white nationalist incels with their very existence!

  4. CowHorseFrog Silver badge

    Speaking of spys and Russians, how come germany hasnt picked up Putins daughter and stopped her ballet school in Munich ?

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