back to article HPE sues China's Inspur Group over server patents

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has filed a lawsuit against Inspur Group, China's largest server maker, for allegedly violating five of its server technology patents. The complaint [PDF], filed in the California Northern District court, claims that the Inspur Group has ignored repeated requests to discuss patent licensing over …

  1. martinusher Silver badge

    When they said "patent everyuthing" they weren't kidding

    When working at these larger companies management is always pressuring the engineers to write patents. Many should fail due to either being obvious or a rehash of well known techniques, they're not true inventions in the sense that they come up with something novel. So in this group of patents maybe the storage array one qualifies as an invention but the others are just BS, they're stuff that we -- that's 'the world' -- have been doing for literally decades. But I for one wouldn't want to argue the toss with HPE's lawyers -- anyway they've probably got more of them than they have engineers (and I'd bet they're a lot better paid, too).

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