back to article Indian PM's 25-year roadmap laid out with help from AI

India's prime minister, Narendra Modi, used AI to help develop the nation's 25-year development roadmap, according to comments made during a live-streamed interview with news agency ANI on Monday. The PM revealed his team gathered the opinions of over 1.5 million people and then refined and classified it using AI. "I made it …

  1. Bebu Silver badge

    AI is so good at drawing pictures and driving cars, why not let it govern a country?

    Can not be more hallucinatory than any number of the world's leaders. Why not give it a whirl?

    The fly in the ointment must be the training sets - an LLM trained on the antics of contemporary politicians would have be more gaga than they. Plato's Republic?

  2. Dan 55 Silver badge

    Did the AI tell Modi to increase productivity by building lots of robot factories, kitting out each robot with plenty of on-board RAM and storage to be future proof, and finally copy itself into each robot to reduce development time?

  3. b1k3rdude

    So a hairbrained action from a known corrupt goverment, what could go wrong...

  4. tatatata

    The famous mission-statement generator has had an upgrade, if the quote is representative for the whole plan. Yes, we must upgrade our component ecosystem. Who can be against that?

  5. Professor_Iron

    So AI does take the job of Indian tech support.

  6. s. pam Silver badge
    Big Brother

    Nero fiddled while Rome burned

    So why not just hand the keys to your country over to SkyNet and be done with it?

    Once the Borg implants are done, you'll feel so much more better.

  7. Badgerfruit

    "to use AI to combat the illicit drugs trade, and to improve management of road traffic"

    Don't need AI to fix that, legalise drugs and build better public transport infrastructure so people would rather take that, than their personal vehicles.

    1. s. pam Silver badge

      Better roads in India?

      Shirley you must be joking, the road agencies there are so corrupt even the locals don't believe what they say are commitments. Case in point is the "New Road" in Pune, Maharastra, where there are bus stands 1m up in the air in the middle of the road -- that people are now living in as the intended use ain't happening!

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