back to article Crypto conferences liquidated after biblical flooding in Dubai

And the Lord looked down upon the crypto bros and He was grieved in His heart. So the Lord said, "I will send down upon thee a flood to wash out thy crypto conference." Which is pretty much what has happened not just to one but two such events being held in Dubai this week, Blockchain Life and TOKEN2049. Rain is not a …

  1. b0llchit Silver badge

    As the Earth heats up, and warm air can hold more water vapor, this may have come back to bite themto let the flow wash them clean.

    1. Version 1.0 Silver badge

      We're very clean on the Gulf coast although we'd be saying Dubai's still dirty, they only got a little rain. We're seeing a little rain to the north of us now, the Mississippi was locally only 5 feet deep last most of last year but is now going up to to about 32 feet next week. Locally for us that's not too much.

  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    $270 for a cab


    Those funny money apologists are obviously swimming in it, so they can afford it.

    1. Roland6 Silver badge

      Re: $270 for a cab

      I assume that was hard cash (or gold), not anything that required a working Internet connection…

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    God, biblical?

    I thought Dubai was a muslim country?

    1. DS999 Silver badge

      Re: God, biblical?

      The Quran includes the creation of Adam, Noah and the flood, God handing down the commandments to Moses on Mt. Sinai, etc. Muslims have basically the same god as the Christians and Jews do, but given how much blood has been shed over the much smaller differences between Catholics and Protestants (or Sunni and Shia) it doesn't take much for one side to claim the other are heretics I suppose.

  4. unimaginative

    I assume it is the Reg sense of humour.

    They are not very keen on Bibles there. Not as bad as their neighbours: they even allowed a church to be built, although strictly for the use of foreigners and anyone even trying to covert Muslims gets five years in the nick.

    They are even treating women a bit better now. Not equal or anything, but a bit less oppression.

    Not anywhere near going a bit easier on gays though, or treating imported cheap labour decently.

    They would probably not like the icon. -------->

    Or even the work icon, or ikon.

  5. Ian Johnston Silver badge

    Crypto: putting the "con" into "conference".

  6. Dostoevsky

    Cloud seeding?

    Here come all the tinfoil-hatters to tell us about evil government chemtrail plots... Oh, goodie.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Cloud seeding?

      Even the BBC admits they were cloud seeding in the days leading up to the flooding. But it didn't cause the flooding. Oh no, that's climate change.

      1. Roland6 Silver badge

        Re: Cloud seeding?

        It’s a conspiracy!

        Given the level of money washing around the climate change denier lobby groups, who were sufficiently well funded to attempt to hack climate data ( Climategate).

        It would not be outside the realms of possibility for one of these groups to have seeded the clouds, just to create an incident they can use to discredit climate scientists…

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Cloud seeding?

          Hard to tell if you are joking, because you've got it the wrong way round. I'll take it at face value.

          The money sloshing around is from from Green Billionaires who stand to make a LOT of money from wind farms and solar farms (and all the other green tech). They are the ones influencing most of the press.

          As I remember it Climate Gate was where UEA got caught falsifying and exaggerating data. When you say "hack climate data" what actually happened was that they got hold of a bunch of emails, and found some slightly damning evidence of them trying to cover up data. A bit. Saying things like the warming recently has not been as bad as the models predicted it would be. Not as "settled" as they had been making out.

          A more recent example if If you take the IPCC RCP8.5 data, and call that "business as usual" (which is what much of the mainstream press is doing) and catastrophise about that, when the IPCC themselves say this scenario is "highly unlikely"

          This hardly makes a conspiracy, but it does suggest some people are manipulating data to make things look worse so that they get more funding. Which is kind of what you'd expect them to do really.

          Where do you think these "climate change denier lobby groups" are actually getting the money, and where do they stand to benefit? Qui bono?

          1. Roland6 Silver badge

            Re: Cloud seeding?

            Missed icon, it was more of a joke than serious.

            Climategate was more than emails, the full investigation uncovered a long running attack on climate research data (not just UEAs) from a group/groups unknown in the oil states of the US…

            Basically, with historical reference data being held on computer, alter that record… Climategate (the full report) is a wake up call to the custodians of vast historical dataset such as the climate data, to ensure the data is secured against bad actors…

  7. JWLong


    Can they swlm?

  8. Jedit Silver badge

    "There's something nice about seeing Web3 fanatics in ankle-deep water"

    Ankle-deep? I'd say they're in over their heads.

  9. Orv Silver badge

    Reminder that if there's widespread flooding in any city, you should avoid the water as much as possible, because it's likely to be full of raw sewage.

  10. druck Silver badge

    Ban Crypto...

    ...and eliminate 99% of cyber ransom and other online fraud, help the planet by avoiding the equivalent of burning billions of tons of coal.

    What is the downside, seriously?

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