back to article China scientists talk of powering hypersonic weapon with cheap Nvidia chip

Researchers in China have reportedly demonstrated how a low-cost Nvidia Jetson module could theoretically be used to direct a hypersonic weapon. The eggheads say they rigged up an Nvidia Jetson TX2i module to perform real-time optimization of the fuel supply system and control of a scramjet engine for an air-breathing …

  1. karlkarl Silver badge

    Considering it is so difficult to get a Jetson Nano (even the 2GB version) these days, China won't end up with many missiles.

    1. cyberdemon Silver badge

      Hmm I wonder why it is so difficult, for us in the West to get hold of these modules, assembled in er, China, from components made in Taiwan, eh?

      Embargo or no embargo, China holds all the cards.. Even without Taiwan, China is in a much better position to fabricate this sort of thing than the US/Europe (never mind miserable old Blighty with its new-found Sovereignty)

      .. I'll be in my bunker

      1. Bugsy11

        I'm calling your bluff. Do you have any links supporting assembly of NVIDIA AI chips in China?

  2. AbnormalChunks

    Hypersonic Gap

    Remember back in the Cold War when there was a Bomber Gap and then a Missile Gap? Is this just a way for the Defence industry and senior military people to get increased funding per chance?

  3. DrkShadow


    The real purpose of this study is mental.

    It shows the inability of the US to restrict anything, despite the trying and economic detriment of doing so, while also showing Chinese ingenuity and showing that the Chinese can and will do anything necessary, not being particularly bothered by the challenge.

    The US is engaging in economic warfare, and China may not be pleased, but it's happy to bat some chuckles back to the other side. It's an engineered society vs an organic society -- which is more efficient, and which is more robust? That, it feels like, will probably determine who comes out on top for this round ("robust"). The US is trying to out-spend China, like it did to collapse the Russian economy in the mid-1900's. However the difference in an economic war with China is that everything in the US is Made in China. (Oops.)

    The US is taking the stance that "AI" is the next everything, whereas I'm remembering the "Master Systems" of the late 1980's which would diagnose and treat all your illnesses, put doctors and everyone out of a job -- based on decision trees. That didn't pan out then, and current day AI is being used to generate fake porn that's tieing people up in lawsuits. Sigh..

    1. werdsmith Silver badge

      Re: Aggravation

      It would actually seem to make sense to continue to supply and keep them dependent on the supplies. If you cut them off then they are incentivised to develop their own tech and a nation like China is quite capable of surpassing any other nation.

      South Africa under apartheid was sanctioned and embargoed for decades. When that ended, UK armed forces needed an attack helicopter and with no remaining domestic offering or development capability they invited tenders. The South Africans offered their Rooivalk.

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