back to article Japan turns up heat on Apple, Google with threat of hefty fines

Apple, Google, and other Big Tech players could be fined 20 or even 30 percent of their sales in Japan if they break newly proposed regulations on abusive app store monopolies. This level of punishment is just at the draft stage, according to Nikkei, and if the proposed changes pass, today's current six percent fine for app …

  1. VicMortimer Silver badge

    Time to allow normal installation, Apple

    This is getting stupid. Apple needs to wake up and understand that they can't get away with their app store monopoly any more.

    All they have to do is allow normal software installation on iDevices like on any other computer. (I absolutely refuse to call it 'sideloading' because that sounds shady, it's normal installation.)

  2. Alumoi Silver badge

    Ah, no worries. They'll just up their cut and make up the loss in no time.

    Every freaking fine a company has to pay comes out of the clients pockets.

  3. Dinanziame Silver badge

    This is why monopolies, or as the case may be duopolies, are bad. When they launched their app stores, nobody argued against the 30% commissions, because it was a smallish market. But the market has ballooned, and at some point they were making money hand over fist, and the 30% commission was becoming disproportionate. With a market functioning properly, rival app stores would have been created with smaller commission fees, and eventually they would have had to lower theirs as well to stay relevant. But since nobody could create another app store for the iPhone, and even for Android the starter advantage of the play store was overwhelming, they never had to do that. If anything, they have become more strict in grabbing a share of everything that was getting paid through their platforms.

    So now, countries have to intervene to protect competitors, and the users who are ultimately paying for the fees.

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