back to article Delinea Secret Server customers should apply latest patches

Customers of Delinea's Secret Server are being urged to upgrade their installations "immediately" after a researcher claimed a critical vulnerability could allow attackers to gain admin-level access. Secret Server is a privileged access management (PAM) product from Delinea (formerly known as Thycotic and ThycoticCentrify), …

  1. Yorick Hunt Silver badge

    "The Reg asked Delinea about a few of the incident's particulars, but it didn't immediately respond."

    ... Because you're not a paying customer! <facepalm icon goes here>

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Reminded me of the gag in the Plane Movie with Gerard Butler where the airliner emergency lands in a lawless area in SE Asia jungle and the corporate Helpdesk would not take his phone call on it as he didn’t have his employee ID.

      (The being said when I worked for BT .. your EIN# was burned into your psyche).

  2. NoneSuch Silver badge

    Give the man his bug bounty check you tight fisted bunch of #$%^&*(

    He just saved you a bundle in lawsuits alone.

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