back to article North American S/4HANA migrations ramping among SAP users

Nearly two-thirds of SAP users in North America are set to migrate to its latest S/4HANA ERP platform, or have already started the process, according to a recent survey. IT leaders tend to approach ERP upgrades with extreme caution as the organization's financial and operational processes literally run on the system. Once a …

  1. aerogems Silver badge

    Oh FFS

    There's really not that much different about S/4 over ECC from the user's POV. Sure, SAP keeps trying to push their idiotic web interface idea, which is not only somehow less logical in it's layout compared to the fugly AF SAPGUI, but also far less efficient since you can't have multiple windows open at the same time.... still, it's not that difficult to pick up unless you're someone who memorizes the what instead of learning the how. You can also still use the SAPGUI if you want. Probably safer to do so than the web version using a browser with who knows what extensions installed and other nonsense.

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