back to article US lawmakers rage over Intel Meteor Lake-powered Huawei PC

Huawei's launch of its newest MateBook Pro X, which uses Intel's latest Meteor Lake CPU has invoked the ire of Republican members of Congress in the US. Revealed last week, the brand-new Huawei laptop is notable for using one of Intel's current-generation Meteor Lake-based Core Ultra processors, which have a dedicated neural …

  1. Malcolm Weir Silver badge

    Personally, I might do a bit more to emphasize that the Republican congresspeople were complaining about a license issued by one Donald J Trump...

    1. Phil Kingston

      It's almost like the Republican party is some kind of cult whose leader can do no wrong

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        … and people ask bemused questions about how odious people like Hitler, Stalin, Putin etc rose to power ??

        It’s playing out in front of your eyes.

        I know Biden’s not exactly a plum choice for a second term … but seriously ‘mericans ….Apart from the Facebook and Twitter shit-posters have you lost all reasoning and critical thought ability ?

  2. deevee

    Morons the lot of them.

    It'll just be ban, ban, ban, until Intel almost goes bankrupt, then it'll be export to China, Export to China, Export to China, but by then it'll be too late because China will have its own CPU's that are far superior to anything Intel or America has, which China will be banning from export to the USA.

    1. may_i

      I got a fair number of downvotes yesterday for suggesting that these export bans will end up costing US manufacturers sales to a huge market and accelerate the speed at which China will catch up with and surpass them. I'm not quite sure why I was downvoted for stating the bleeding obvious.

      There is no shortage of very capable engineers in China and there is a large amount of government money available to be strategically invested into long term goals. The Chinese government, by its constant nature, is able to make ten year (and longer) plans and execute them as they are unfettered by the inevitable short sighted focus which comes with western four year political cycles.

      Underestimate them at your peril!

      1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

        Nothing to see here. Move along please. Everything has been underestimated and is progressing nicely

        I'm not quite sure why I was downvoted for stating the bleeding obvious. ..... may_i

        In the current present age with expanding novel virtual spaces for the exercising of powerful empowering lead both from and for invisible forces and intangible sources formerly unknown via increasingly effective and easily supplied remote anonymous autonomous means is the answer to your concern/bewilderment beautifully displayed within the following few words which are oft misattributed to George Orwell ........

        In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

        So, as there be no hiding place for the serial purveyors of wilful self-serving untruths and half-truths, stating the bleeding obvious quite clearly is a guaranteed indefensible threat to their disservice which in extremis is surely akin to treachery.

  3. NeilPost

    China Export Licence (Trump) CHIPS Act (Biden)

    I see the bastard offspring of irony and satire here.

    At the same time Intel is sucking on the teat of the CHIPs Act, it’s exporting current model CPU’s to Huaweii under a licence issued by Trump. Recollect the same ‘China’ (in Trump’s voice as the China virus?!).

    You could not make this shit up.

    Double dip for Gelsinger too. No shame:

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not an expert here, but isnt the purpose of these low NTOP AI processors more about efficiency and offloading CPU/GPU load for exciting things like blurring backgrounds in Teams/Zoom and saving battery?

    Some articles have mentioned that Meteor Lake has 34 NTOPs total, with the AI processor providing just 10 of those.

    All sounds like a storm in a tea cup!

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