back to article VMware's end-user compute products probably have a new brand: Omnissa

VMware's end user compute products appear likely to be rebranded as Omnissa after being sold off. Broadcom decided to sell VMware's portfolio of desktop and application virtualization products after it acquired the biz, deeming them surplus to requirements. They were picked up by private equity operation KKR for around $4 …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    It is going to create a mess

    Artificially tight deadline created because the Board has decided something stupid ?

    You bet it's going to create a mess. The gun is going to meet the foot and Broadcom is going to demonstrate how little it cares about the users of the product it has paid a fortune to destroy.

    1. J. Cook Silver badge

      Re: It is going to create a mess

      .. On top of the "we've removed all the SKUs except for the combo SKUs, and delivered a great big, spiked, unlubricated shaft to almost every reseller, and are dragging our feet on the remaining ones" debacle from two months ago?

      (I assure you, that is the toned-down version- the full strength one has profanity in it from my weapons-grade vocabulary, and requires several linear feet of paperwork to use in peacetime...)

  2. Mishak Silver badge

    Any positives in this?

    For example, is Fusion going to get more development - it's dropping a long way behind Parallels these days...

    1. Yorick Hunt Silver badge

      Re: Any positives in this?

      Development? Sorry, all the developers have been shafted shifted into sales.

      1. J. Cook Silver badge

        Re: Any positives in this?

        No, you had it right the first time.

        I need a drink...

  3. Jim Willsher

    Migration from SAP to Oracle, in a short timescale, with a short time window.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  4. Bill Neal


    Praise the Omnissiah or be branded a heretic!

    1. Throatwarbler Mangrove Silver badge

      Re: Prophetic

      The dramatic twist is when it's revealed that KKR stands for Khorne's Knights Revolutionary, and all users of VMware Horizon are to offered up to Chaos in a sacrifice of bloody demonic feasting to usher in a millennium of night and terror.

      Still arguably better than having to rely on Broadcom.

      1. An_Old_Dog Silver badge

        Re: Prophetic

        "Acquired by KKR" ... "sacrifice", etc. ... hmm ... that might explain why my bank has become exceedingly dickish after being having been bought out.

  5. Blackjack Silver badge

    "private equity operation" just what you don't want to gear who bought whatever pay every month service you are using.

  6. Michael Hoffmann Silver badge

    Sold to private equity?

    Just how are they planning on ripping Workstation and Fusion apart to make their "investment" back? Ads in VMware Workstation 18+? Spyware in the local hypervisor (including SSL certs having to be issued by a new mandatory Omnissa daemon/service)?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Sold to private equity?

      Workstation and Fusion are not EUC Products. Think Horizon and Workspace ONE

      1. Michael Hoffmann Silver badge

        Re: Sold to private equity?

        Mea culpa. So the "desktop hypervisor" category is definitely exempt (for now)?

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