back to article British watchdog has 'real concerns' about the staggering love-in between cloud giants and AI upstarts

The UK's competition watchdog sniffed around the AI industry with a bit more interest than usual on Thursday at an antitrust event in the US. Speaking at the 72nd Antitrust Law Spring Meeting in Washington, DC, Sarah Cardell, CEO of the UK Competition and Markets Authority, discussed "growing concerns" that the web of …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "[158] lobbying entities focused on AI"

    In 2023.

    So now there are more. Talk about 1st-world problems . . .

    1. Version 1.0 Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      Re: "[158] lobbying entities focused on AI"

      Definitely Pascal!

      This is an excellent story to read and I hope to read a lot more about this in El Reg, It's very good to hear smart thoughts from CEO's who have so much more knowledge and experience of the business environment, and related the internal events, than the rest of us ever see because we are just getting our jobs done to keep the CEO happy.

  2. Mostly Irrelevant

    It's going to happen, the only companies who can afford the huge cost of training these AI models once the VC money dries up are companies that run huge public clouds because they can run them using excess resources inn less allocated periods of time. It's basically free for them.

  3. Nifty

    Couldn't spot any teeth. Poor mutt.

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