back to article Intel preps export-friendly lower-power Gaudi 3 AI chips for China

Intel is set to launch two China-exclusive models of its Gaudi 3 AI accelerator, and they'll be substantially crippled to fit in with US sanctions. The existence of two models approved for sale in the Middle Kingdom is detailed in Intel's Gaudi 3 whitepaper. Called the HL-328 and HL-388, the made-for-China processors are in …

  1. HuBo

    Hmmm, 150 TFLOPS of FP16 (from 1,835) looks like 1/12 of Gaudi 3, or 1/3 of Gaudi 2 ... something like 8 TPCs and 2/3 of an MME ... that pretty much sends one back to Gaudi 1 it seems. I guess it could sell if it remains better (or more available) than homegrown options.

  2. Snowy Silver badge

    Can you

    Over clock AI chips to get back some performance?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    TheReg - "AMD may have failed to dumb down its chips enough to allow China sales". It never said how many FLOPS the rejected AMD chips were capable of. Without a published standard, the system is open to politics and corruption.

  4. Ashto5

    How will China survive?

    They won’t ever like buy chips from another country that has Intel / Amd inside

    They won’t pull it apart and follow the structures.

    They won’t imitate and innovate.

    Nope they are China they can only copy

    USoA the 1980’s called and asked if this is a quick visit or if you are planning to stay awhile ?

  5. Pathcorrect

    US ,(the West) certainly is persistent.

    As China was a unified Empire for over a thousand years The British Empire abd Americans decided to make PROFIT and Destroy China from Within.

    Opium (HUGE profits) grown In Bengal for the Empire


    Grown in Rajasthan and Turkey for US was Pumped into China ( HUGE Profits)

    Soon there was addiction, civil disturbances, WAR and starvation and Death by the Millions.

    The Chinese Empire collapsed in 1912


    Within a 100 years China is the second most powerful economic power in the World ( It used to be the #1 power for thousands of years)

    How long will it take China to bounceback from Garbage chips ??

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