back to article Adobe will fork over cash for clips to train text-to-video AI

Adobe is building its own AI model capable of transforming text into video and, unlike other companies, will actually pay creators of the material used to train it. Using AI to generate video from text seems to be the next big thing in AI content creation, with OpenAI taking the lead with its Sora AI model. But whereas OpenAI …

  1. cyberdemon Silver badge

    Genie already out of the bottle

    I applaud them for trying, but..

    Here, Adobe, buy my huge library of labeled clips that definitely are my own copyright and definitely weren't generated by your competitors' products using plagiarized material

    Also, they would have to pay an unfathomable fortune to get anywhere even approaching on a log-scale the amount of data that Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Meta, TikTok et al have already stolen been granted an unconditional license to use by their data-cows platform-users

    Maybe this is being built on top of a foundation model from someone else, which would make more sense, but would not quite be the same moral high-ground PR position that they are hoping for

    1. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

      Re: Genie already out of the bottle

      Data-cows deserves an upvote all of its own.

      In passing you imply what should have been clear to them - comparatively little copyright-free video exists, What they need is material from copyright owners together with permission for them to use it.

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