back to article Samsung strikes trouble as unions threaten walkouts, regulator swoops

Samsung Electronics has struck trouble at home, potentially threatening the supply of semiconductors and smartphones. One source of strife is the Korean giant's own workers, which last week voted to consider strike action after mediation efforts in a long-running pay dispute failed. Samsung Electronics employs over 100,000 …

  1. HuBo
    Thumb Up

    "That changed after [...] international campaigns by labor organizations"

    Right on! I've been suggesting to French folks here that they should really consider exporting their national unions (CGT, CFDT, FO, ...) internationally, especially to those countries where goods formerly manufactured here are now being made. IMHO, what is commonly missing in those offshore locations are strong unions looking after workers' rights, wellbeing, and remuneration. The French unions are quite good at fighting for those, with effective strike action, and massive street protests.

  2. Shalghar Bronze badge

    So when unions were actively prevented until 2018...

    "If a strike goes ahead, it will be the first in the 54-year history of Samsung Electronics."

    Deduct all the years when samsung prevented workers from unionizing.

    Then its "If a strike happens, it will be the first one since workers were no longer disallowed to unionize."

    This leaves 6 years of pseudopeace. Deduct what you see fit for unions to slowly form and get members (against the trained reflexes of "no unionizing" which persisted for decades) before being strong enough to actually be able to negotiate.

  3. Spazturtle Silver badge

    Knowing Samsung I fully expect them to hire a security company to break up the protest.

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