back to article Next Vision, or Vision Next? What we really thought about Google and Intel's AI events

This week kicked off with two conferences, Intel Vision and Google Cloud Next, that as you can imagine had artificial intelligence at the heart of them. Now the headlines and deadlines are over and done with, it's time for our vultures to sound off on what was announced, teased, and not said at these events – and you can …

  1. HuBo

    Tribal councils

    Yeah, Nvidia's GTC's been named the new IDF, an event where The Gloves Are Off and its combined HW+SW strategy the new System/360 -- so, lotsa enthusiasm there. By comparison, the "Next Vision Next" events looked a bit sedated, tepid, meh, lukewarm, to be sure ... not enough Darth Vader to keep everybody awake IMHO.

  2. CowHorseFrog Silver badge

    When people have to hype something up and preach to you how "wonderful" it is, you can be sure its bullshit.

    Truth doesnt need a preacher.

    Basically nobody preaches the sky is blue or that water is wet because its a known fact. Given the amount of hype and presentations by professional bullshitters the corporate leadership the hgh priests of business, just like high priests of religion you can be sure its all fake, and its all lies.

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