back to article Intel fuels Huawei's AI PC ambitions with Meteor Lake CPUs in MateBook X Pro

Intel's Meteor Lake-based Core Ultra CPUs will power Huawei's newest MateBook X Pro, the company's first AI PC. The MateBook X Pro will run on Huawei's own HarmonyOS and integrate its Pangu large language model (LLM), providing similar functionality to Microsoft Copilot and ChatGPT per Nikkei. It appears to be a high-end thin …

  1. 3arn0wl

    From another prrspective

    It was recently reported here, based on a Financial Times article, that the Chinese government had published a list of approved hardware... The list didn't include anything from Intel. In fact, the only x86 archetecture was from Haiguang Information Technology Co., Ltd.- an AMD–Chinese joint venture.

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