back to article Global taxi software vendor exposes details of nearly 300K across UK and Ireland

Taxi software biz iCabbi recently fixed an issue that exposed the personal information of nearly 300,000 individuals via an unprotected database. The names, email addresses, phone numbers, and user IDs of the 287,961 affected individuals in the UK and Ireland were all exposed online. According to research shared with The …

  1. t245t Silver badge

    Consumer-facing ride-hailing app experience?

    Do you mean the passengers make their own reservation bookings?

    1. Little Mouse

      Re: Consumer-facing ride-hailing app experience?

      They try to(!) And it's certainly an "experience".

      For booking in advance, the iCabbi app nearly always says there's no cars available, but sometimes you can get lucky by retrying the exact same booking but with a new pickup time that's only a minute or two off the original. (And that's after avoiding times that are exactly on the hour/ half-hour)

      I'm not sure if that's down to iCabbi being pointlessly inflexible, or the local taxi company supplying them with non-optimal data.

      I dare say I'm on the "exposed" list. Hopefully they'll be significantly quicker to let me know than Capita were after their Pensions breach last year (i.e. days not months!)

  2. Dr Who

    Meaningless gobbledegook

    " I found [the database] using the API of an IoT search engine"

    Can anyone enlighten me?

    1. Tzhx

      Re: Meaningless gobbledegook

      Probably — it allows you to search for exposed services by ip address, service type, etc.

  3. hoola Silver badge

    The usual

    We are sorry about this.

    Only limited details have been exposed

    Nothing to worry about

    Plug the leak (probably badly).

    Continue as usual

    No impact, fines or sanctions.

    Nobody gives a shit about any data now. These breaches are so common that it is barely news.

  4. B Bunter

    I got here just after receiving an icabbi login "confirmation" link in a text message. I had never heard of them until doing an internet search. (looking for a data breach as I have never used their service or tried to login) In fact the last time I was in the UK was around 2001 so I have no idea how my number (in Canada) ended up being used.

  5. CowHorseFrog Silver badge

    good old cloud, the benefits never end.

    A large part of why Hitler lost the war was because of Enigma being cracked, which was a real possibility because radio waves travel over a public medium - the air.

    Given all the China talk, the west's biggest weakness is the cloud , because data like this and probably a lot more important stuf is public.

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