back to article Dell shaves months off lead times for GPU-powered AI servers

Dell lead times for computers with GPUs like Nvidia's H100 have come down to eight to 12 weeks, a significant reduction from nearly 40 weeks late last year. Dell Taiwan's Terence Liao said that while AI-fueled demand for GPUs remains high in Taiwan (and elsewhere, it seems), the company has finally been able to reduce delivery …

  1. Dostoevsky


    There is no excuse for so much manufacturing power and such a large part of the global economy to be located on a minute island on the PRC's doorstep. Hopefully the CHIPS Act, and Europe's equivalents, fix this...

    1. Gene Cash Silver badge

      Re: TSMC

      Sure, but after all the other industrialized nations regulated their industries to death, this is what happens.

      You offshore everything, it ends up on someone else's shore.

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