back to article Intel over the Moon as Lunar Lake’s NPU performance TOPS Meteor Lake

Intel claims its forthcoming Lunar Lake CPUs will have over 100 Tera Operations Per Second (TOPS) of AI performance – 45 of them from its neural processing unit (NPU). Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger has previously claimed that Lunar Lake (and its higher-performance counterpart, Arrow Lake) would have triple the AI performance of …

  1. biddibiddibiddibiddi

    Not really surprising. First generation "sucks", second generation gets not only the node change but all the learning/experience they did in the design, additional technology that they couldn't implement before because it was a first try, and designing for "AI" in general is changing quickly. It will, like everything, have smaller and smaller performance increases with each generation, outside of making major architecture changes.

  2. Jumbotron64

    Then HP, Dell and Lenovo kit their computers out with only 8gb of Shared Ram and all those TOPs just spin

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Love how they are already tring to push their cloud compute costs down to the customer

    Please, buy new AI pc's for the employees you are trying to replace so you can absorb more of the overhead M$ is currently paying for in their own data centers.

    Also everybody cheer moving large compute workloads from large central systems that are cheap and efficient at scale to your expensive an less efficient on premise hardware.

    Clearly this is good for Intel or M$. None of this benefits me. I can let my employees use a glorified thin client to access this stuff on an ad-hoc basis right out of the cloud. Today.

    Why am I going to drop a ton of cash on hardware to run this stuff locally?

    And the statements they have been making about ML replacing whole departments or automating whole businesses is a farce. Pat's been smoking Elon's chronic it seems. Glad it loosened him up but your not supposed to run around at work talking about the unicorns you imagined you say while on a mind expanding weekend retreat in Big Sur or Sedona. Especially not talking about the unicorns as if they were real.

    Intel is F'd and we are flushing billions down the toilet by propping up this money pit of a business plan.

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