back to article India and EU finally advance HPC collaboration project hatched in 2022

India has called for proposals under the Cooperation on High Performance Computing pact it signed with the European Union in 2022. The pact was signed at a virtual ceremony in November of that COVID-blighted year. At the time, India and the EU pledged "deepening technological cooperation on Quantum and High Performance …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yummy goodness

    Great plan! This expansion of collaborative menu offerings, from coq-au-vin to chicken vindaloo, should prove most valuable in competitive HPC gastronomy against the US hot-dogs (in tutus?) and Chinese chop sueys (heterogeneous and composable?) of supercomputing (eh-eh-eh!)! A great initiative to pick up the Pace (picante?) and ketchup to the top chefs IMHO!

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