back to article Microsoft puts ex-DeepMind boffin in charge of London AI hub

Microsoft is opening an AI research and development hub in London led by former Google DeepMind researchers. In an announcement on Sunday, Microsoft AI CEO and DeepMind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman, detailed plans for the hub, which will focus on advancing the software giant's growing portfolio of machine learning tools. …

  1. NeilPost

    There is no Intelligence - artificial or otherwise - in opening yet another R&D centre in London FFS.

    Try Manchester, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham, Loughborough/Leicester, Bristol, Sheffield, Leeds, Newcastle, Bath, Cardiff, Liverpool, Warwick, Dundee, Stirling, York, Lancaster, Belfast, Aberdeen instead.

    1. David 164

      There goal is to steal Deepmind and Stability AI an companies AI talent. They are more likely to be successful if those people don't have to move their homes whilsts moving jobs.

      So London is their best choice.

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