back to article World's second-largest eyeglass lens-maker blinded by infosec incident

If ever there was an incident that brings the need for good infosec into sharp focus, this is the one: Japan's Hoya – a maker of eyeglass and contact lenses, plus kit used to make semiconductor manufacturing, flat panel displays, and hard disk drives – has halted some production and sales activity after experiencing an attack on …

  1. sanmigueelbeer

    Hoya never saw that coming? Maybe they need to see a good optometrist.

    Oh, wait ...

    1. cyberdemon Silver badge

      You don't mean this particular optometrist, do you?

      (tbh, not sure if that was a genuine error on the part of the van driver or a piece of guerrilla marketing.. by a firm of optometrists that apparently spends more on marketing than it does on optometrists)

      1. imanidiot Silver badge

        If you want to be sure you get good glasses, Specsavers is probably not the place to go imho. Their quality varies very much by the goodwill of the optometrist doing the actual measuring and I've found that usually they start out good (when just hired) and just get worn down over time until they can't be bothered or move on. So locations that just opened are usually OK then turn to shit.

      2. WonkoTheSane

        It was marketing.

        See here

  2. JustAnotherDistro

    Every day another incident

    From my casual following of the infosec news, I am sensing a disturbance in the force. I don't have statistics, and I don't know who does, but every few days there is a major incident, versus every few weeks.

    Maybe I'm just hyperalert because of the liblzma attack, which has made me think of the numerous vulnerabilities that could have already have been injected. There's never just one roach, and whatever started with Jia Tan in 2021 was not a one-off.

    "Best practices" like "keep your computer up to date" now seem less reassuring. The old Linux principle of "do one thing and do it well" (and keep it simple) seems more imperative than ever.

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