back to article Gelsinger woos Musk as Intel seeks to drum up Foundry Services business

Intel is keen to get its Foundry Services strategy off the ground and draw in more customers. With this in mind, it's made a move to cultivate Elon Musk and finalized an agreement with Arm intended to make it easier for chip designers to get their products built. The Santa Clara chipmaker last week celebrated being awarded $8. …

  1. Dostoevsky

    Fishin' for chips...

    Cools to see the only other high-tech fab company doing more than just their own product. I'm happy to see more domestic manufacturing capability.

  2. luis river

    Santa Clara company, their last opportunity

    Many... many billions for Intel, that last America tech maneuver for save their national UV nanometer manufacturing process. The cuestion is: It is good estrategy to put too much money in only one basket ? That special money help dont injured other American tech companies ? eg archicompetitor modestly AMD and others

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