back to article US charges Chinese nationals with cyber-spying on pretty much everyone for Beijing

The United States on Monday accused seven Chinese men of breaking into computer networks, email accounts, and cloud storage belonging to numerous critical infrastructure organizations, companies, and individuals, including US businesses, politicians, and their political parties. According to American prosecutors, the suspected …

  1. OculusMentis

    Me thinks this is yet again another whole load of the usual anti China BS…

    1. bigtimehustler

      So you don't think they hack things? I guess you don't think Russia does either? I fully imagine we are up to the same things, if we arnt, we should be.

    2. sarusa Silver badge

      They've been wholescale and fairly openly performing corporate, scientific, and military espionage for at least four decades. It's where they got all their tech when just partnering with stupid greedy western firms and having them hand over the tech directly wasn't working fast enough. Western governments tolerated it for a long time because the (stupid, naive) thought was that once China got rich enough they would naturally become an enlightened democracy, so we should wink wink nudge nudge that. That started becoming awkward in the 2000s, then really awkward when you combined Xi aggressively turning the place into a fascist dictatorship plus the Angry Toddler in the US being livid that someone was doing everything he wasn't allowed to do.

      Now there have certainly been some overreactions, especially in academia - because governments have all the subtlety of Greased Piglet Boris - but everything here is completely in line with what we've been seeing from mainland China.

  2. Vader

    If the west doesn't trust China which it should not. Move manufacturing back and then leave those a load, there local economy won't support them.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    US propped rules-based international order

    Truth is that China fell from grace when, circa 2013, it stopped bingeing on US debt issued in the form of debased treasuries.

    All the rest is plain simple obfuscation…

  4. PhilipN Silver badge

    Those are the ones they wanted you to catch

    Taking a leaf out of the counter-espionage playbook.

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