back to article It's 2024 and North Korea's Kimsuky gang is exploiting Windows Help files

North Korea's notorious Kimsuky cyber crime gang has commenced a campaign using fresh tactics, according to infosec tools vendor Rapid7. A Wednesday post explains that the crew – also known as Black Banshee, Thallium, APT 43 and Velvet Chollima – has a long history of trying to lift info from government agencies and outfits …

  1. Frank Bitterlich

    Very "helpful"...

    I guess it's completely normal to allow "Help" files to execute arbitrary commands and modify the registry.

    1. the spectacularly refined chap

      Re: Very "helpful"...

      It's a side effect of rearranging the start menu and control panel with every new release. Help files need to include those "click here" links to apps and setup dialogs or you would never be able to find them.

    2. navarac Silver badge

      Re: Very "helpful"...

      It's not as though Microsoft's "help" files have ever been helpful, is it?

  2. ldo

    I Use Okular

    My favourite document viewer is Okular, which has a host of pluggable backends for PDF, EPUB, CBZ/CBR, DJVU, and yes, even CHM. Can’t easily find info on what JavaScript support the CHM handler has; my guess is, very little.

  3. M.V. Lipvig Silver badge

    Not a gang name I'd ever pock. Considering Lil Kimmie likes to find novel new ways to execute people, such as tying blood relatives to the business end of artilliary, can't imagine what he'd to to people saying Kim likes to Sucky Sucky.

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