back to article US may sanction those rumored to be in covert Huawei chip network

The US government is considering measures against a number of Chinese semiconductor companies linked with technology giant Huawei, in what appears to be further escalation of Washington's chip wars strategy. Reports suggest that the China-based companies or entities under the spotlight include some previously highlighted in …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Walking while talking goes further than talking

    1. Try and figure out why, in the following news text - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company opened its first chip plant in Japan on Saturday as it diversifies supply chains away from Taiwan amid intensifying U.S.-China trade tensions. you are reading "Japan" and not "USA".

    2. The strategy of trying to block development in China is expensive in terms of diplomatic and trade capital. The doesn't mean it is completely ineffective (in the short run), but it does mean there are costs that show up elsewhere. That strategy depends on a kind of soft power and accumulated reputation that is backed up by real economic power (see item 1).

    In short, #2 is talking the talk, while #1 is walking the walk.

  2. martinusher Silver badge

    I just wish we'd spend the effort on being competitive

    I know that our government's efforts are doomed to failure -- all they're doing is tipping the build/buy calculus further towards 'build' and so helping to foster more competition that we won't be able to match. But they don't listen to people; legislators are completely off the edge (its TikTok that's in the crosshairs this week.....they're like cats, anything bright and shiny gets their attention for a minute or two) and the bureaucracy is totally out of control. Its a mess, and I'd want nothing to do with it except that now they're offering us a choice between "moderately incompete" and "completely insane" this November.

    I just wish DC and everything in it would just disappear. It won't so I guess we'll just have to learn our lessons the hard way.

  3. Tron Silver badge

    Oh yes, the all-powerful CCP as state controller of tech.

    China's most important sector is property (not tech) and it is up to its tits in debt, threatening to upend the entire economy. The CCP comprehensively failed to enforce the most basic regulations on the sector, almost everyone was on the take, and they have been struggling for a couple of years to work out a soft landing for it, fearing social unrest if they fail.

    Tech spooks Xi. It has created a Westernised, consumer-centric, young, aspirational Chinese middle class, empowered by their apps, who have no time for traditional Chinese values or Communism. China's tech-based state surveillance however, is shot with flaws. Xi is trying to replace Mao in China's modern history by promoting traditional values and suppressed the tech sector, banning entire chunks of it. This dented the financials and turned the screens red, causing serious concern in the wider CCP about self-appointed Chairman-for-Life Xi. They don't want to be on the wrong end of the next Chinese revolution because glorious leader is solely concerned with his place in history.

    But hey, you run with the simplistic view that Xi and the CCP (average age very old, few of whom can wire a plug) are keeping a population of 1.4bn sweet in their spare time whilst concentrating on spying on TikTok influencers the better to end Western civilisation.

    Message from Orwell in the netherworld: Did any of you folks ever actually read my stuff?

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