back to article Serial extortionist of medical facilities pleads guilty to cybercrime charges

A cyberattacker and extortionist of a medical center has pleaded guilty to federal computer fraud and abuse charges in the US. Robert Purbeck, adopting the aliases "Lifelock" and "Studmaster" during his time as a cybercriminal, according to the Department of Justice (DoJ), stole personal data belonging to more than 132,000 …

  1. DJO Silver badge

    $1m in restitution to 132,000 people. Ter-fucking-riffic, roughly $0.8 per person and with handling charges will mean a final payment each of probably under 1 cent.

    Seize all his assets and make a significant payment to the victims - enough for life long credit monitoring or sufficient funds to get new credentials. One year of monitoring is completely inadequate, it assumes that the criminals are not smart enough to sit on the data for a year or so.

    1. aerogems Silver badge

      Not sure I'd necessarily call it a silver lining, but... the guy is almost certainly going to get eaten alive in prison. Even hardened criminals tend to take a dim view of people who target children. I'm also guessing this guy is not built like a MMA fighter or anything, and won't really be able to defend himself effectively.

  2. sitta_europea Silver badge

    Perhaps the criminal himself could be distributed amongst the 132,000 people?

    My dogs would enjoy gnawing on three of his fingers for at least five minutes.

  3. Zarno

    There's a joke about the touch and finger commands someplace, but I can't find Paris to tell it.

    Should also force him to sit next to a chain printer churning out all the form letters being sent to his victims, till his fillings rattle out.

    1. Ace2 Silver badge

      I was thinking that there are a lot of apocryphal medieval torture devices in museums; maybe this presents an opportunity to see which of them actually work?

      But your idea might be better. Insanity through that burnt-toner smell!

  4. doesnothingwell

    Just imagine his new cellmate asking Studmaster: Do you want to be the husband or the wife?

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