back to article Atos says Airbus flew off, no longer interested in infosec and big data biz

Atos' share price sank as much as 20 percent this morning on confirmation that Airbus is no longer interested in buying the big data and security (BDS) parts of the crumbling tech empire. The pair got round the negotiating table in January to thrash out a potential agreement. Atos said at the time it had received two letters …

  1. cyberdemon Silver badge

    My heart bleeds

    For those poor Atos shareholders

    .. who might be thinking "Why couldn't they have bought us anyway at a heavily inflated price before we bail out, let them run the company down, and worst-case we send a stooge to jail.. But no, they had to do their bloody due diligence"

    1. Lurko

      Re: My heart bleeds

      Arguably Airbus didn't get a chance to flunk their DD, it was investor threats that stopped them. Historically, in the good old days of French nation al champions, the French state would simply have told Airbus to buy it, and perhaps all of Atos (as they did with EDF and Areva), but because Airbus is now so big, and has so many international investors they couldn't do that. Which isn't to say they didn't try.

      1. Xalran

        Re: My heart bleeds

        The French government probably asked ( nicely ) to both Thales and Airbus to have a try at Atos...

        Stranggely both balked when Atos didn't want to just sell the Cyberdefence branch and told both it was either both the HPC and the Cyberdefence or nothing.

        ( the HPC is loosing money with is the obvious reason why they didn't want it, but there's also probably other reasons )

        Note that there's lots of French Government contract around Atos HPC branch, which might be a good hint why Thales and Airbus may have been asked to *help*.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Good. Can't come soon enough.

    After the hell they managed to put a relative through when they were running PIP assessments no hole is deep enough for these wankers.

    1. Evil Scot Bronze badge

      Re: Good. Can't come soon enough.

      The GDPR breaches.

      False Data.

      Cannot upvote enough.

    2. Baron Samedi

      Re: Good. Can't come soon enough.

      Dont put everyone in the company in the same boat. I worked at Atos for a long time in a part of the tech foundations side and we had nothing to do with PIP assessments. There are a lot of good hard working people in there likely very worried for their jobs at the moment.

      What I will say though is this is the fault of the exec board and senior managers for trying to slash costs from all other areas to cover the massive black hole that is their data centre business. If they had focused on solving that rather than reduce cost and quality in other areas that were performing well just to balance the books they'd probably be in a better state today. Very short sighted of them.

  3. anothercynic Silver badge

    It might just be that Airbus has paid attention to the tech space and is not interested in all the baggage that Atos will bring with it... It wouldn't surprise me if they started poaching staff on the quiet.

  4. Sparkus

    Due dilligence

    pays off for Airbus. Must have evaluated the current management-in-place........

  5. StrangerHereMyself Silver badge


    I'm pretty sure the French government ordered Airbus to buy the company. This is what always happens in France when some French company is threatened to be bought by a foreign company: the French government orders some French company to buy it.

    If it weren't for the TCI threatening to sue Airbus out of existence if they bought Atos, the deal would've probably gone through.

    Now either some other French company will be prodded to buy Atos or the French government will step in an buy a stake citing "economic security" as an excuse.

    1. Will Godfrey Silver badge

      Re: Ordered

      Well, that's better than what happens here in the UK where successive governments go out of their way to sell of everything to foreign businesses - interestingly often French ones

      1. StrangerHereMyself Silver badge

        Re: Ordered

        The UK was pretty lucky that the Spanish owner of London Heathrow didn't complain to the EU when the UK forced it to sell its property. They could've taken it all the way up to the EU Court of Justice claiming the UK was illegally confiscating its property.

        1. Will Godfrey Silver badge

          Re: Ordered

          Ferrovial didn't "own" Heathrow. It had a 25% holding. It was not forced to sell. It came to the conclusion it wasn't getting enough out of its holdings, and divested itself of them voluntarily.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I don't give A tos.

    I'm glad Airbus investors told the French government to sod off.

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