back to article March Patch Tuesday sees Hyper-V join the guest-host escape club

Microsoft's monthly patch drop has arrived, delivering a mere 61 CVE-tagged vulnerabilities – none listed as under active attack or already known to the public. We'll hold our judgement until tomorrow to see if Exploit Wednesday lives up to its name. But in the meantime, here's a look at Redmond's security bugs. Two of the …

  1. 43300 Silver badge

    Anyone else seeing install failures with KB5035845 (W10)?

    1. ThatOne Silver badge

      No failures here, updates installed just fine. Only problem is my taskbar has now become totally transparent (dark theme), and now all the right hand status icons are now white on a light gray background picture...

      Jeez. What happened to "if it's not broken, don't fix it"??? Couldn't they add a "do not make the taskbar transparent" option? Guess not, the Microsoft way is the only way, and they always know what's best for us.

      Grumble, grumble

      1. ThatOne Silver badge

        Half a month later: If someone finds this, that totally transparent taskbar issue after that Windows Update is due to ExplorerPatcher. Just upgrade ExplorerPatcher to the latest version and you'll get your taskbar back.

    2. This post has been deleted by its author

  2. navarac Silver badge

    Business as usual?

    Just another month of the usual then?

  3. 43300 Silver badge

    And by the way - the update from January which fails to install on both W10 and Server 2022 in a large number of cases STILL hasn't been fixed.

  4. Kev99 Silver badge

    Good grief! Doesn't anyone bother to QC on their code?Doesn't anyone bother to keep an eye on CVE announcements to see if they might cascade to their kit? I swear the quality of code today horribly worse than ten years ago, or even twenty.

    1. Trigun

      Microsoft have struggled with this since they changed their way they test and (if I remember correctly) now test on VMs instead of actual hardware. More efficient but far more prone to allowing hardware config base issues through. They also fired much of the QA testing team at the same time, I think - probably didn't help matters either

      1. sedregj

        " now test on VMs instead of actual hardware"

        That's where MS want you - in their data centres. It's nothing personal - you will pay more via subs than if they sell you a one off "thing". Once you are in the DC, you get part of a shared resource and you are nominally locked in.

        Bon chance, mes braves!

      2. Alumoi Silver badge

        Testing? We don't need no freaking testing, that's what the users are for!

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