back to article GitHub fixes pull request delay that derailed developers

GitHub is experiencing a second day of degraded performance, following a bad update that threw the code locker into chaos. Microsoft's cloudy code collaboration service today advised users of degraded performance for Pull Requests. Users who requested anonymity told The Register that delays of around ten minutes are the norm …

  1. TheWeetabix


    didn’t offer up a code fix?

  2. ldo

    No GitHub Pull Requests?

    Big loss ... ...

  3. Rafael #872397

    Around two hours later, it Xeeted


  4. Andrew Hodgkinson

    Change of ownership more visible with every passing day

    As the bloatware features creep in, the hooks into other MS services trickle down, bullshit fluff like that truly puerile new animation when you set up a new account happen (followed by the utterly jarring experience of being thrown into the totally different *actual* GitHub UI) and now updates which break the service and DR that doesn't work...

    ...yeah, Microsoft.

    Oh look! GitLab's right there.

    1. ldo

      Re: Change of ownership more visible with every passing day

      I currently have most of my public repos spread across two services, GitLab and BitBucket. Two is safer than one, in case one of those gets taken over by some amoral megacorp like GitHub was.

      Of course, there’s always a chance both of those get borged ...

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