back to article French government sites disrupted by très grande DDoS

Several French government websites have been disrupted by a severe distributed denial of service attack. A statement from prime minister Gabriel Attal's office acknowledged that some sites were in trouble as of Sunday night, and mentioned conventional attacks of unprecedented intensity. That language appears to refer to a …

  1. Potemkine! Silver badge

    Russia is a terrorist state. Let's treat it like a pariah. All links should be severed with Russia, may they be public or private.

    So sad Putin's American puppet is so popular. Voting Trump = Voting Putin. How is it possible that the Republican Party became a party of traitors to the US?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      How you come to that conclusion after all that the current administration has done to avoid helping Ukraine, is interesting.

      Russia/Russian people are not bad, they have bad leadership - like your parents were for you.

  2. Missing Semicolon Silver badge

    "Voting Trump = Voting Putin"

    Blimey, you really did drink the kool-aid, didn't you?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Champaign on national TV Channel One

      Russians celebrated 2016 Trump's victory on the main national TV Channel One. They are bringing champaign to the studio at minute 2:12.

      The big screen speaker is nationalist Zhirinovsky, a Trump-like politician present on the Russian political stage longer than Putin himself.

      Already in 1998 parliament speech Zhirinovksy stated that Ukraine had never existed, thus confirming that all later "NATO and West fault" statements were mostly a justification, rather than the real reason:

  3. HuBo

    Kremlin's gremlins

    Thanks for covering this! The News in France is often focused on social issues (it seems to me) making it sometimes difficult to get details on IT-related affairs (enough for a keyword search at least). It felt like this on Feb 12 also (to me), when PII on half of the French was phished. The links to FalconFeeds and are super!

    Digging a bit from there, it looks like "Anonymous Sudan" (and co-constipators) was responsible for attacks on Germany in Jan.'23 (Brandon), Denmark and Sweden in Feb.'23 (Jessica), Microsoft in Jun.'23 (Simon), Israel in Oct.'23 (Connor), and OpenAI in Nov.'23 (Katyanna). With France added to the fray, and with the bulk of the attacks related to support for Ukraine and NATO, I'd say it's high-time to squash this latest "Russian bed bug", and make it walk the plank!

  4. Tron Silver badge

    The suspect list is a bit longer than that.

    Macron is even more unpopular in France than the Tories are in the UK, and the French are world leaders in protesting.

    1. HuBo

      Re: The suspect list is a bit longer than that.

      Right on! That's the beauty of an open (and democratic) society ... we can disagree with our leaders, without the risk of being hastily terminated, Navalny-style, Politkovskaya-style, Prigogine-style, Khashoggi-style, Masha Amini-style, Kim Jong-nam-style, and so forth. The press is free to criticize the government, and does so, and the results of polls can be published without fears for one's life. RT's Abby Martin (Breaking the Set) thought she had this freedom too, but a mere month after mildly criticizing Putin, she was gone ... and found 3 months later on TeleSur (Venezuela) in a studio without sufficient electricity to run the spotlights.

      The supreme popularity of authoritarian leaders is wildly exaggerated (illusory).

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