back to article Cybercrime crew Magnet Goblin bursts onto the scene exploiting Ivanti holes

There's yet another group of miscreants out there hijacking insecure Ivanti devices: A new, financially motivated gang dubbed Magnet Goblin has emerged from the shadowy digital depths with a knack for rapidly exploiting newly disclosed vulnerabilities before vendors have issued a fix. The cybercrime crew has targeted US …

  1. nijam Silver badge

    > "vulnerable Ivanti Connect Secure VPN"

    There in a nutshell, a phrase that summarises the state of IT "security" .

  2. Michael Wojcik Silver badge

    A day after the public PoC...

    ... is not particularly fast. We have scads of new 0days every year, and it seems wildly unlikely that various groups hadn't penetrated a high-value target like Secure VPN long ago.

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