back to article India plans 10,000-GPU sovereign AI supercomputer

India's government has approved a ₹10,300 Crore ($1.24 billion) funding package to bolster the nation's AI infrastructure. The cornerstone of the effort is a planned supercomputer that will have at least 10,000 GPUs. The government has released no other details of the machine – which will be part of the "IndiaAI Compute …

  1. Rikki Tikki

    Good that India is at least trying to develop indigenous LLMs. OTOH, I tend to feel that LLMs generally don't help much in the preservation of endangered languages. These can occur in surprising places, not just India - I met a professional couple from Jakarta recently, but "sorry, we don't speak Betawi, only Indonesian".

    1. david 12 Silver badge

      Which is to say, "I don't speak Cockney, only BBC". Unlike the surrounding area of Java (which speaks Javanese languages), Jakarta itself (a colonial city which had a population of slaves and economic migrants), speaks intelligible but not identical dialects of Malay.

  2. Badgerfruit

    An expensive paperweight

    Perhaps the first question they can ask it could be: could this 1.4 billion have been spent to help with the huge poverty problems instead?

    1. katrinab Silver badge

      Re: An expensive paperweight

      In theory at least, that is the sort of thing you would do to help with the huge poverty problems.

  3. HuBo

    Very nice

    "a planned supercomputer that will have at least 10,000 GPUs"

    That should bring them compute horsepower similar to the MS-Eagle and EOS-DFW twins, which is quite nice (#3 on the current Top500). I wonder if the CPU part could be based on POWER11.

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